Already today we use 80% of the earth's land which is suitable for growing food on.
We believe GROWPIPES is one of several systems that will contribute to a more efficient cultivation for arapidly growing population.


We have since 2017 been testing different hydroponic plant systems for indoor and greenhouse farming. When none of the systems lived up to our expectations, we decided to develop our own system; GROWPIPES.


Christiaan Delport has a long and solid experience from farming in southern Africa. He is the founder of Organigro (Pty) Ltd. a company within the vertical agricultural sector. He has knowledge of supplying systems for fast growing, year-round production and minimal space and water use.

Mikael Pari M.Sc is a structural engineer at Pari Plast AB and together with his brother Jonas Pari is responsible for the day-to-day operations of PARI PLAST AB, which apart from manufacturing plastic parts through injection molding offers design, prototype manufacture, manufacture of molding tools, assembly and storage.

Christer Tilk M.Sc has extensive international experience in marketing, sales and business development and is CEO of the company. 

Robert Carlsson has a long and solid background in sales and business development and this is his sixth start up with an idea he got almost 4 years ago when he started exploring the potential of vertical farming.


GROWPIPES will contribute to a better and greener future by providing hydroponic
plant systems and fittings that will contribute to a more surface efficient cultivation.


GROWPIPES business concept is to design and manufacture the most economically
sustainable and most efficient vertical cultivation systems and fittings to create profitable farms with minimal water use.

Mikael and Jonas Pari